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One and the Same


  Mason would not interrupt her evening festivities. She wanted this – no no, she needed this. He was willing to give it to her, but for a reason unknown to him. He had no clue why he felt obligated to help just about every woman he met, save for the licentious impulse that came from feeling culpable for actions out of his control so long ago. He felt such obligation to make it up to an entire gender for something Carl Deidrich had done.

   As she returned, the crossroads demon smelled her before her saw her, and he knew the deed was done. Before she reached him he whistled for Thing, signaling for his beast to go and fetch the soul, to do its job and drag the wickedness back to the pit of Perdition for punishment.

   “Well, don’t you look fresh,” he teased once his hellhound was out of sight. He took back his blade and pulled it from the sheath, looking it over and giving it a once over on his own jeans to remove any access blood. Completely improper to put away a sword still sullied. “You should join me on a few more hunts, I wouldn’t mind a little sidekick, if you were willing to cast aside hiding what you are.”

Her grin was devilish as he took back the weapon, watching him wipe it off as her lungs dragged to cool down her body and steady her heart rate.

Alright, you’ve had your fun murdering people, let’s go now-

“You should join me on a few more hunts.” His voice cut off Alice’s inside of Ro’s head, and she could hear the small whimper the former owner of her body gave as she skippered off to a dark corner of Ro’s mind. She feared Mason where Ro fed off of the pure energy he gave off.

She bit her lip, adrenaline still singing through her veins as she remembered the pure power she get after a kill. It was something that, despite hunting making her feel like she was helping, there was nothing like hunting humans.

“Deal. But I can’t promise my powers will be fully available to me. Being trapped in this body weakened me fairly well.” She pushed her fingers into her back pockets, leaving out the part that she hadn’t used them for a good part of 3 years.

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Sweets || Priestly + Ro


Priestly just barely caught the cake stand as it fell. Unfortunately, he didn’t catch the top and the few cupcakes that were still in it. He had invested in plastic for exactly that reason, but the cupcakes wound up all over the front of his kilt. He closed his eyes and took a deep breath, then looked up at the woman. “I don’t know you,” he snapped, then took another breath. He let the calm in, anger out.

"Sorry for snapping," he said and picked everything back up. He piled the cupcakes in the lid and headed for the sink, tossing the cupcakes into the garbage and setting the lid in the sink. He’d wash it later when he washed everything else. He grabbed the rag and wiped his kilt off, grumbling a little. He didn’t like getting mad at people.

The woman blinked as the cupcakes fell, only able to save one before the rest fell on the strangers… kilt? 

She winced, “Sorry.” She said, blinking when the dean-look-a-like snapped at her before apologizing. 

"Its uh, its alright.. I can pay for those." She said, setting the saved cupcake on the counter and smiling sweetly. "Saved one." She said, sucking a thumb into her mouth that had frosting on it. "Delicious." She grinned, trying to get the guy to smile.

"I’m Ro." She said, biting her lip and setting the cupcake on the counter. "And I was actually wondering if you had any jobs open…?" She trailed. Look at her, once she was a killing machine. Trained by none other than the king of hell himself. Now she was blushing and giving an innocent smile to try to impress a dude in a skirt. What a turn around. 

One and the Same


"Oh, by all means, you’re the one whose been outta the loop for a while," he waved his hand dismissively. There was no need to look around, he could smell them, the maid and butler were huddled together somewhere in the back yard near the shed. His client was off towards Ro’s direction, so really there was nothing for him to do but wait. He didn’t need to feel the victim’s thoughts to know where he was hiding, what he was going to do, none of it was his problem. As she descended into the thicket he stretched his arms. "Whistle when you’re done, so Thing can do his job, if you please."

Ro was gone by the time he said his last sentence. It didn’t matter that her job seemed like that of a dogs, hell, she wanted to be treated like that.

So long as she got to rip someones throat out. 

Her feet were quick as she bounded between trees, letting her instincts guide her to her victim. He was panting, heart pounding as his sweat and fear made a strong trail that lead her through the woods. This was too easy, and she was only half of her former self.

One moment she was running, wind in her hair and nothing but a scent trail and woods filling her senses. 

Then she was smirking as she caught site of the man, leaning against the tree, trying to catch his breath. She knew she too would probably be out of breath by the time she was done, but right now her blood sung with adrenaline and her body felt more powerful than ever. 

She reached down to unsheathe the sword Mason gave her, and with the flick of the wrist the blade was sailing through the air and catching the humans hand, slicing through and pinning him to the tree he’d been trying to run away from.

He let out a loud toes curling scream, unsure what to do as he clawed at the handle that held him in place, the blade sunken in behind his knuckles, there was no going anywhere. Still, he tried. That’s what she loved about humans, they always tried.

In a second she was pressing him against the tree, hands wrapped around his thick neck as she gave a wicked grin. “You ran fast, but not fast enough.” Her voice was deep, much different than how it usually sounded. Steadier. 

"P-please, I’ll give you anything. Anything. Just let me go." 

Tears ran down the males face and mixed in with his sweat. Really, anyone else that hadn’t done this a thousand times would be repulsed, but it didn’t faze Ro.

"Mm, isn’t that what got you into all of this in the first place, my dear? Money? Fame?" She smiled, and his eyes widened, the look of lost hope crossing over his features making something coil tight in her stomach. But not in a bad way.

"That’s what I thought." She laughed, and just like that, she gripped hard and ripped. The flesh giving way under her hands like wet paper and blood sprayed onto her face, hair, and clothes. Painting her grin in the color that she had been born into. Blood. Pain. Torture. 

The human gargled as he still fought for breath, sliding to the ground as his eyes rolled into the back of his skull, and after just a few moments, he lay still. 

Ro panted heavily above him, smile still in place as she grabbed the handle of her sword and tugged hard, pulling it out of the wood of the tree and the mans hand. Wiping his blood onto her jeans as she chuckled. Like the blood had told her a funny joke.

She whistled as she walked back, taking her time as she held the sword over her shoulder, strolling through the woods like a cat with a fat stomach after just catching and eating its meal.

She returned to Mason with a satisfied grin and a sheathed sword that she handed back to him. “Damn does it feel good to do this again.” She said, pointing to the sword. “Thanks for that, by the way.”

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remember when the biggest dilemma was that john hadn’t been home in a few days and sam had a law school interview on monday 


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Sweets || Priestly + Ro


Priestly was just finishing up decorating the little cakepop things for a group of kids that almost always came in after school to pick some up. It was a group of seven girls that always ordered two each so he had started making them a batch just for them. Today’s batch were half red velvet with white chocolate frosting and half white chocolate with dark chocolate frosting. Angelica had chosen the decorations so they were covered in little red skulls and crossbones.

He finished them up and put a lid over them, then turned when he heard the bell above the door ring. He turned and smiled. “Hey, what can I get you?” he asked. He had on a plain black shirt with ‘Surf Naked’ on it and his beloved kilt and combat boots. Lucien was bad about teasing him for the kilt, but it was comfortable so he still wore it.

Today was a good day, she’d finished her hunt just a few nights ago, was free of any demonic business, and actually had the stupid idea of buying herself a cake for her meat suits birthday. Yeah, it was stupid, and even acknowledging the girls voice in their head was bad enough, but Ro had grown close to her vessel, and so she found herself ducking into the nearest sweets shop.

"Hey, what can I get you?" A voice said, Ro smiling as she glanced around at the colorful shop. Biting her bottom lip as she looked up to see who’d spoken to her. 

"Hi-… Dean? Is that you?" She asked, seeing a ghost from her past, though he was dressed in things she thought Dean would be killed before wearing. "And is that… make up?" She asked, stepping closer, not realizing until it was too late that one of her lucky boots knocked into a case. 

One and the Same


"I never said that," the salesman retorted. “Unlike you, I have someone waiting for me at home…but it’s true, I am getting soft.” He didn’t know if it was true or not, he was simply teasing. He was used to being around demons with snark and motor oil for blood, the kind where rude remarks were actually considered affection.

"And that matters to you, if they are worthy of death?" Mason chuckled, eyes seeming to glow crimson in the darkness. “S’no wonder you don’t do this job anymore."

He waved his hand towards the West. “You head on that way, maybe you’ll find him.” He had turned off any mortal compass he harbored for his client, for now, so as to make the hunt more exciting. He wanted to see what Ro would do to the man, but they’d cover more ground apart than together.

Blue eyes narrowed and she glared at the other demon. “You stick to the deal, that’s what Crowley stands for.” She’d often thought of the demon as more of a business man than a king of hell. Though his skills with a knife were wicked, he was also one to stick to his word. Most of the time. 

She nodded and her hips swayed as if she were a prowling cat about to strike before moving towards the way he’d pointed, stopping however as she looked back to him. “If I do find him, do I get to kill him myself or do you want to be included?” Her tone matched that of her former self, dripping with fake sympathy and sarcasm. 

One and the Same


"If my hair was any longer I’d be putting it up too," he teased. He held his hand out, wriggling his fingers. A moment later his sheath appeared, landing in his hand. He offered it to Ro and sighed. The entire night was tedious. This all could have been over some thirty minutes ago. Why he wanted her to come along with him he wasn’t sure, but it was making the evening eventful.

Mason glanced towards the gate, back to his hellhound. It sat perfectly still on its hunches. “He says he went this way,” he motioned in the opposite direction. “What do you wanna do, split up? That old man and the maid are here somewhere. I doubt that Thing would just let them pass by.” He looked up at the sky. “And their entire estate is gated, so really he’s not gonna get very far…”

Ro thanked the demon silently for the sheath, fixing it to her side as she noted the sigh. “If you’re getting annoyed you can take all of the fun out of it and just go kill of the bastard.” She shrugged, hoping the man wouldn’t call her bluff. So when he continued talking, she smirked and bit her lip, thinking about his suggestion. 

"I say we leave the maid and old man. They aren’t apart of any of this, they did nothing for their lives to be taken." She said, her expression serious as she met the others gaze. Somewhere inside her head she felt Alice stir from her dark corner and murmur a quiet. "Yeah."

One and the Same


Mason parted the glass just enough for him to pass them. “Go ahead if you want, run outside. We’ll be waiting, we’ll be following. The arena is as big as you want it to be.” The man couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Was this real? His brothers were already dead, he knew it. It was just a matter of time and he would be too. No…he couldn’t think that way. He had to get out, he had to escape. He clutched the salt so tightly it almost burned his skin. He looked between the two of them and took a step past the glass shield. He didn’t trust them. He was bound for hell, how could he? With a burst of courage he threw salt towards their faces and hauled ass up the stairs and scrambled for the door. He didn’t question why it was unlocked know, but it was all Mason’s doing.

“Well that’s never fucking pleasant,” the crossroads demon growled, rubbing his eyes. The salt felt like acid, but unlike holy water it didn’t linger on the skin unless sweaty. Lucky for him, lucky for Ro. “Oh, I’m gonna enjoy killing you.” He heard his hellhound bark furiously and he whistled, knowing that without a signal the hound would kill the man instantly.

“Shall we?” He motioned towards the stairs.

Ro was quick to throw her arm out in front of her face, but the salt that hit her exposed arms and neck burned like a motherfucker. Luckily it was only a few seconds before she brushed off the tiny rocks and looked Mason. The other demons tone had a smirk tugging at the corner of her mouth.

"We shall." She returned, smiling as she quickly made her way up the steps. Glad that her meat suit wasn’t a klutzy one, tripping down the steps would’ve been a real buzz kill. 

Soon they were outside of the house, Ro making her belt into a makeshift sheath for the sword. “So we gonna just chase after him?” She asked, looking to the dark forest surrounding the house. She didn’t mind the idea of it, although she knew by the end of this she’d be quite tired. Pulling out a hair tie, she quickly put her hair up. Ignoring any remarks from Mason about it, with her hair up she could focus. It helped her to be more in tune with her surroundings as well as her meat suit. 

One and the Same


“Looks like he is gonna cook ya,” the demon grinned. If this were a gladiator arena, Ro would be royally fucked. “What are ya doin’, tappin’ out?” He took great delight in this. Finally, it was his turn. The man looked between them and, grabbing a handful of salt, threatened to throw it at the next person who came near. He backed up to the corner of the room, trying now to figure out his route of escape.

The needle scratched on the record. Night & Day by Cole Porter again.

          ~ like the beat, beat, beat of the tom tom
                        when the jungle shadows fall
                                  like the tick,tick, tock of the stately clock
                                              as it stands against the wall ~

“I didn’t wanna do this,” he muttered. Lifting a bottle of wine from off of the cabinet, he threw it up against the outer line of the devil’s trap with his telekinesis. The sound was harsher than the actual breakage. The glass shards rained down, but were halted as Mason’s eyes turned red. Oh…now that was an idea. “You throw, I throw,” he threatened his client. With the circle now broken, the glass slowly widened, creating a floating barrier around the victim.

                           ~   night and day, day and night
      under the hyde of me, theres an oh such a hungry yearning
                                               inside of me
                           and this torment wont be through
              till you let me spend my life making love to you   ~

“I like this one, Ro. I wanna play hide and seek with him…what do you say? Should we throw him outside, or do you have other plans for him? He did get cha good with the cat n mouse game.”

Ro glared at Mason’s taunts. “Just get me out of this damn thing.” She growled, not caring when the glass started falling around her as well as wine as she stepped out of the circle calmly. Although, watching the shards suspended in mid-air as she returned to Mason’s side, she did think the demon pretty clever. 

The needle skipped once again, but by this time Ro wasn’t listening.

   Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high

                              There’s a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby…

She smirked at his words and even allowed for the last statement to provoke her, which she was sure he was meaning to do. Although she’d probably never hear the end of it. “Hide and seek in the woods? Sounds like a great game. You know we have this hound that’s just itching to get his claws into your flesh.” She purred, loving the absolute terror that came to the mans eyes. 

Someday I’ll wish upon a star 

                    And wake up where the clouds are far behind me 

Where troubles melt like lemon drops away above the chimney tops

                                       That’s where you’ll find me

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